Sustainable solutions for charging mobilephones

anywhere in the world

Mobile phones are the most important pieces of hardware we own. Whether you live off grid or have a smart phone which is used constantly, the increasing need for power to charge your mobile phone at home or on the move is becoming ever more demanding as we have now become so reliant on the mobile phone not only for comunication but it also plays an integral part of our day-to-day lives.

Social and economic impact of having access to sustainable power for mobile phone charging in developing countries

For people in areas where there is limited or no access to electricity being able to charge their mobile phone is crucial as they are heavily reliant on their mobiles to access many useful services such as the internet, banking, checking on expiration dates for medicine, voting and government services, as well as keeping in touch with friends and family.


In rural areas where there is a lack of power, mobile phone users keep their phones off much of the time to conserve battery power or often have to travel several miles just to charge their mobile phone

Solar Powered Mobile Phone Chargers can play a key role in off grid locations allowing for a power back up for users as they go about their daily business. A recent study into mobile usage by a major  African operator has reported increases in ARPU of between 13% and up to 29% with their customers now empowered to charge their phones daily. Reliable access to power and mobile phone charging creates an increase in the usage of the mobile phone.

Innovative solutions for mobile phone charging

At solarway we are constantly challenging ourselves to come up with innovative and unique solutions to charging

mobile phones whether you are on the go, out in the wilderness or do not have access to electricity.

Portable Solar Powered

Mobile Phone Charger

Solar powered Mobile Phone

Charging Kiosk

Solar Powered

Manual Charging Station

Branding opportunities for

Mobile Network Operators (MNOs)

For Mobile Network Operators we have a wide range of solar powered mobile charging products such as charging kiosks, manual mobile charging stations, portable mobile charges which can all be branded with your company logo and colours.


This gives you the opportunity to provide a reliable power source in the communities you sell your products and services were there is a lack of power, offing huge incentives to tie in your subscribers as well as having a constant brand presence in those communities

Benefits of providing branded renewable power sources for your subscribers


Increased ARPU up to 15% from customers by providing consistent renewable power supply

Gain new customers in off-grid or unreliable power locations

Additional customer services, i.e data, mobile money, internet etc if they know they will have a consistent power source

Branding and marketing opportunities to differentiate operator from competitors

Increase revenues from rural base stations by providing branded individual power supply

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Disaster Relief

Outdoor Lifestyle

Over 2 billion people aroundt the world have no access to sufficient light...

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The quality and longevity of our products make them ideal for disaster relief aid...

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For outdoor enthusiasts, we make sure you have light all night and power to charge your phone 24-7...

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