Light and power equipment for all outdoor activities

Whether you are at the beach, camping, hiking, or desert trekking, solar powered lights and power to charge your  mobile phone are essential items you should have as part of your equipment.

Our products are designed, manufactured and tested for all weather conditions. For outdoor enthusiasts, we make sure you have light all night and power to charge your phone 24-7

Essential Outdoor Equipment

Solarway Power Lantern


The Solarway power lantern has a dual phone charging solution enabling you to charge two phones at the same time including any smartphone and iPhone, FM Radio and a detachable hanging light.


•  20hrs of light from a single charge

•  24 LEDs producing 208 lumens

•  Charges all mobile phones within 1hr

•  Water Proof

•  Shatter Proof

Sunstorm Solar Charger


Providing a sustainable power solution for mobile phone users where ever they are. The Sunstorm charger has been designed to charge mobile phones with optimum results. Our integrated battery checker allows the user to know when the solar charger is fully charged.


•  20hrs of light from a single charge

•  Charges all mobile phones within 1.5hrs

•  Super lightweight design

•  Operates in extreme heat conditions

Solar Powered LED Flashlight


The Solarway LED flashlight is the complete portable light solution for use anywhere. It has a directional beam over 15 metres, retractable lens cover can also be used as a hanging lantern.


•  16hrs of light from a single charge

•  LEDs producing 20 lumens

•  15m Beam

Mobile Phone Charging

Light & Education

Disaster Relief

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