Solar Roofing Sheet Kit 50 Watt


 Solarway Solar Roofing Sheet Kit is the ideal product to empower households and small shops. The 50W solar panel (up gradable to 150W) brings enough energy for illumination, running a fan, mobile phone charging, radio and TV. It makes you independent of gasoline and kerosene (also from the grid). The sun empowers you for free - every day.

Product Features

  • Do-it-yourself: You need no specialist for installing
  • Easy to install: Nail it down on the existing roof; you need just a hammer to install the whole system.
  • Theft Proof: The panel is integrated in the roof and does not attract attention.
  • Extendable: This 50W set can be scaled up to 150W by just buying two additional panels.
  • All components of the system are 12V industry standard and replaceable in case of damage.
  • Easy to transport: weight and size is designed for transportation by bike, public transport, car or walking.

Technical Specifications

  • Recommended Battery: 12V 30Ah - 60Ah
  • Polycristalline Solar Panel 50W
  • Charge Controller 10A 12V
  • 10m Cable Panel-Controller
  • 1m Cable Controller-Batt
  • Battery Clamps (17mm(-) and 19mm(+)) and Crocodile Clamps
  • Screw Driver, Terminal Strip (double connection), Roofing Nails (70mm)
  • Cable Clips for 7mm cable

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