The Impact of Mobile Phones

in Africa


With mobile technology and mobile phones reshaping the future of the African continent,  millions of Africansrely on they mobiles phone daily not only for communication but to run their day to day lives. However with over 70% of africans living off grid or in remote areas,  access to a reliable power source is now more important than ever.


At Solarway its our mission to consistently come up with solutions that give the millions of Africans living off-grid access to adequate power for charging their mobiles phone when and where they need to without having to travel for miles to do so. To find out more about mobile phone charging solutions Click Here

Welcome to the Solarway Media Section. Here you can look through image galleries of what we have been up to, watch our adverts, videos and inspirational stories from around the world that will give you an insight on why we feel is so important for all of us to think of innovative, sustainable solutions for light and power that enhances the lives of those living off grid whilst being friendlier to our planet.

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